“The Sound of Music”

Volksoper, Vienna (Austria) • 16 December 2006 • 7pm

Performed in German, with supertitles in English.

The Volksoper’s production of The Sound of Music (which has played in repertory for a while) might not be as lavish as the current London revival, but it is a decent, honest production well worth seeing. It remains relatively faithful to the original, although “Something Good” has been added.

One might think The Sound of Music, with its affirmation of Austrian pride, could have become a staple of the Viennese musical theatre repertory, and that “Edelweiss” could have become a sort of secondary national anthem. No. My friends assure me it is viewed as “just another American musical.”

Well, neither Les Misérables nor Irma la Douce have become French national treasures… (and they were written by French people…)

One response to ““The Sound of Music”

  1. Listening to the CD (internet order from the Opera house shop), the cast and audience do seem to have had a truly jolly evening off it – listen to the Lonely Goatherd for example and listen to the kids giggling their way through the different voices, seemingly very naturally. Likewise the clapping along to the ‘appluase music’ at the end has a lack of cynicism that I foudn quite charming. Wish I’d been there!

    If the film only went out in 1990, then it’s early days yet – Eidelweiss may yet catch on.

    By the way, if anyone can come up with a transcript of the German Lyrics I woudl be highly indebted.


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