“Avenue Q”

Noël Coward Theatre, London • 12 March 2007 • 8pm

Music & lyrics by Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx. Book by Jeff Whitty. Directed by Jason Moore. With Julie Atherton (Kate Monster, Lucy the Slut), Jon Robyns (Princeton, Rod), Simon Lipkin (Nicky, Trekkie Monster, Bear), Clare Foster (Mrs. T, Bear…), Yanle Zhong (Christmas Eve [understudy]), Siôn Lloyd (Brian), Giles Terera (Gary).

I think Avenue Q is one of the most groundbreaking, intelligent and infectious musicals of recent years, and its London incarnation is as fresh and invigorating as the show was when it opened on Broadway. Its ability to deal with topical issues in a straightforward manner is only matched by its endless inventiveness and the amazing virtuosity of its puppetry. Plus the score isn’t half bad.

Shows like Avenue Q are what the musical theatre needs. ’Tis a pity there aren’t more of them.

3 responses to ““Avenue Q”

  1. I can appreciate the reasons people give for why they love Avenue Q so passionately, but I was unimpressed by it. The songs were mediocre except for a few standouts, like the now notorious “Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist”. It was definitely brazen, it was definitely dirty, and it definitely aimed to be outrageously funny, but it relies so heavily on those qualities that the rest of the production seems less fulfilled. I have a feeling upon a second viewing that I might warm up to it a bit. I do applaud it for being creative and reinvigorating the current adapt-a-film Broadway scene.

  2. Dear gingermiss —

    I don’t think the “dirty” factor is very important to me. What makes the show special in my view is that it dares to be different and not to stick to recipes in so many ways. It’s probably no masterpiece (which makes you right), but compared to what else is out there, it breaks major ground.

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