“Avenue Q”

John Golden Theatre, New York • 16 July 2007 • 8pm
Music and Lyrics by Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx. Book by Jeff Whitty. Based on an Original Concept by Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx.

Directed by Jason Moore. With Howie Michael Smith (Princeton, Rod), Aymee Garcia (Kate Monster, Lucy et al.), David Benoit (Nicky, Trekkie Monster, Bear et al.), Jennifer Barnhart (Mrs. T., Bear et al.), Evan Harrington (Brian), Ann Sanders (Christmas Eve), Haneefah Wood (Gary Coleman), Jonathan Root, Matt Schreiber.

There are shows that I could see again and again. And again. Avenue Q certainly is one of them. I already said how great I think this show is when I saw the London production four months ago. Although most of the cast has changed since I first saw the show when it opened in 2003 (except for Jennifer Barnhart), the experience is still as fresh as it was then. The score might be uneven, but there are several songs that deal with issues that had never been tackled on a Broadway stage before… and in ways that are quite ground-breaking.

The show has been running for four years now. Here’s hoping that it runs for at least four more.

2 responses to ““Avenue Q”

  1. I agree that Avene Q is worth repeated visits. The first time I saw it was on one of those 9-shows-in-8-days kind of trips that we theatre geeks who no long live in NYC occasionally take. When we realized the “On the Town” wasn’t playing Sunday night, we jettisoned over to the Avenue Q box office and took in the show again.

    Fortunately for us, we got to see Barrett Foa as Princeton et al, who was just as much of a delight as John Tartaglia had been earlier that week.

    See it if you haven’t!

  2. > Thanks for your comment, Eric. A group of French comedians has been trying to produce a French-language version of the show over here in Paris. It might make for an interesting experience…

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