“Merrily We Roll Along”

Signature Theatre, Arlington, Virginia • 9 Septembre 2007 • 2pm

Went to have a second look at this attractive production. Since I was closer to the stage, I got a better look at Robert Perdziola’s beautiful costumes, their interesting colour scheme, and the way they evolve (or regress?) between the first and the second acts. The performance was a tad less polished with a few minor flubs here and there, and the absence of amplification was definitely a problem at times (some audience members complained during intermission)… but, again, I was overwhelmed by the sheer strength of the emotional denouement of the show. Well worth a trip.


2 responses to ““Merrily We Roll Along”

  1. Just saw this production you mention last night. Thoroughly enjoyed it and of all the reviews I’ve been reading, your brief one seems to be the most in tune with my thoughts.

    I’d also add that Tracy Olivera does an excellent job with a very underwritten part. She exemplifies why a singer should be an actor first. I did miss part of “Now You Know”, but that was more due to the staging than the performers voices. If we are not going to have amplification (fine with me), then the staging needs to be put together in a way that actors are facing most of the audience when singing, otherwise, fuggetabout it!

    Overall, I truly enjoyed this production, and I disagree a lot with some of the other reviewers in major newspapers that did not like the costumes or the choreography. I think both Perdziola and Camp did a wonderfully stylized job, that added many layers to this wonderful production!

  2. > Thank you so much for your comment. I might be slightly biased because I love this show so much, but I was truly affected by this staging. Given that I travelled from Paris especially to see the production, it was a good thing that I enjoyed it 🙂

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