About me (or “Who Am I, Anyway?”)

Welcome to theatreaddict.wordpress.com!

I am a French guy writing from Paris, France. I have two passions: music and the theatre, in all its forms. Over time, I have come to the realization that the one artform that accomplishes the perfect synthesis of my two passions is musical theatre (yes, musical theatre as in Broadway shows). Opera also qualifies somewhat, but the emphasis on music and vocal performances often results in a poor dramatic experience.

I attend a lot of classical music concerts and opera in Paris and elsewhere… but I also travel a lot, mainly to London and New York, in order to see musicals. That remains my #1 endeavour.

I have another weblog, Paris – Broadway [fr], where I write notes in French about the shows that I see. However, it has become quite clear that French speakers have a limited interest in my accounts of English-language musicals. Which is the reason I’ve created this site, where I’ll write notes in English, but mostly about my musical theatre outings.

2 responses to “About me (or “Who Am I, Anyway?”)

  1. Might I have permission to put your Follies review on our web site?

    Lynne Chapman
    The Stephen Sondheim Society

  2. > Dear Lynne. I would be delighted. I’d appreciate a link back to the original article, if possible. Thanks.


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